Attention Scarcity and Marketing

Fast Company Blog writes about a talk given by John Hagel:

The challenge he posed is: The new scarcity = attention; there has been a profound shift in busienss economics from shelf space as the key scarce resource to people’s time and attention and the key scarce resource.

So what does this do to/for (because there’s opportunity as well as challenge) to branding, marketing, metrics?

According to John, marketing was formerly based on the three I’s — Intercept, isolate, inhibit — and instead it should be based on the three A’s: attract, assist (develop understandingn of context both pre and post purchase); affiliate (mobilize people to help deliver value)

This, says John, is an inexorable move from product and vendor centric promises (buy from me because I have great products or because I am a great vendor) to a customer-centric promise (buy from me because I know you as an individual customer beter than any one else and you can trust me to confiugure the right bundle of products and services to fill your needs as they evolve over time).

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