TI’s Success

The New York Times writes:

How did Texas Instruments, which posted revenue of $13.4 billion last year, arrive at the enviable position of considering itself primed and ready to assume Intel’s mantle as standard-bearer for the entire chip industry?

In short, it pulled off its own resuscitation a decade-long effort by abandoning ill-fitting product lines, focusing more closely on its core integrated circuits business and linking up with large but underestimated companies eager to champion new uses for its chips. It dusted off a chip called a digital signal processor and convinced Nokia, which had yet to become the leader in cellphones, to make it the core of its products. It dusted off a second underutilized chip called a digital light processor and wooed Samsung Electronics, then a scrappy South Korean electronics company trying to conquer the American market, to use it in big-screen, high-definition televisions.

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Rajesh Jain

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