Podcasting and Mobiles

Veer Bothra writes:

If podcasting has to become mainstream in India, mobile has to be the dominant device of creation and consumption. There aren’t that many PCs, iPods or portable MP3 players in India. But there is a slew of mobiles with memory cards, GPRS and MP3 players.

Mobiles of today have enough storage to act as a podcasting device, if not yet as a replacement of iPod. MMC / MiniSD cards of 500 MB capacity are available at around Rs 700 and a 1 GB card would cost around Rs 1300 or so.

But how will a user download podcasts onto the mobile? If its via the PC than the reach will be limited, since only about 10-15 million people have access to a PC at work or a home. Others will have to do it through internet cafes and hope that they allow transfer of podcasts through data cables.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.