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Ajit Jaokar quotes Tomi Ahonen from a recent forum: “The most insightful presentation I think was that of Peter Miles the CEO of university TV broadcaster SubTV here in the UK. Peter was amazing and I can’t do justice to all he said. So just a bit of a highlight – in the last three years the university student population mobile phone penetration went from about 85% to 99%. When they enter university they are 80% prepaid, and when they leave they are 80% postpaid. While all have access to online internet of course – and 90% access the web daily (51% access a social networking site at least once per week, wow) – very importantly the university age student is both online and offline. Their lifeline is the mobile phone. 74% say they “would lose their mind” if they lost their phone. Not because of a loss of contact info and stored messages etc. But because they would be out of contact. (reference the Ampd stuff above). As most don’t have a fixed landline connection, the phone is the ONLY way to contact them. E-mail and IM instant messenger is not an option. You reach someone via the mobile phone – but you can interact with them with any of a wide range of communication tools from online gaming to myspace to skype etc.”

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