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Paul Kedrosky writes: “Too many startups (and not-so-startups) struggle describing what they do, why they’re different, and why they’ll win. Today I ran across this useful template for helping in that process.”

Part 1: What We Do

* For [insert customer company/department/type here]
* Who want to [insert what prospective customers want to fix/improve here]
* Our product is [insert how your technology helps the people in line 1 do line 2]

Part 2: Why Well Win

* Unlike [insert competitors here, whether direct or indirect]
* Our product [insert customer- and competitor-relevant points of differentiation here]
* As supported by [insert technology that underlies this differentiation here]
* And protected by [insert protectable IP, unique relationships, etc.]

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.