TECH TALK: The Now-New-Near Web: Citizen Media and Physical World Hyperlinks

People with mobiles can be content creators and consumers. ‘Networked Journalism’ is how Jeff Jarvis puts it:

Networked journalism takes into account the collaborative nature of journalism now: professionals and amateurs working together to get the real story, linking to each other across brands and old boundaries to share facts, questions, answers, ideas, perspectives. It recognizes the complex relationships that will make news. And it focuses on the process more than the product.

In networked journalism, the public can get involved in a story before it is reported, contributing facts, questions, and suggestions. The journalists can rely on the public to help report the story; well see more and more of that, I trust. The journalists can and should link to other work on the same story, to source material, and perhaps blog posts from the sources. After the story is published online, in print, wherever the public can continue to contribute corrections, questions, facts, and perspective not to mention promotion via links. I hope this becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy as journalists realize that they are less the manufacturers of news than the moderators of conversations that get to the news.

Another concept which is relevant in the context of the Near Web is that of the Physical World Hyperlink. This is how Scott Shafer explains it:

Great thought goes into the packaging of a product, but one thing is put on every package that brands have never been able to use before, until now. The barcode. Its universal, can be scanned/typed, doesnt take up any more room on the product to market, and can now provide a direct connection w/ the Interneta Physical World Hyperlink.

Brands have the opportunity to create their own soft innovation by turning on their barcodes. By turning on the barcode, you have created a physical world hyperlink. A hyperlink offers a direct connection to the wherever the brand owner wants you to go. Leverage the existing product package and turn it into a portable website.

Brand manager creates the ad that makes a consumer click/type a barcode (already existing) and creates an innovative marketing tool.
What brands or brand manager will be the first to start marketing this tool? Do brands even know they have this tool?

The killer app for Mobile Advertising will be a portal/platform that turns on those physical world hyperlinks.

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