Vinod Khosla Interview

Excerpts from Business Week:

As a successful entrepreneur yourself, does it get easier after the first time?
Yes. You learn about how to do it and you learn how to scale. You learn what not to do and what you don’t know. I don’t worry about scaling too much now, because if we have a technology breakthrough, we know how to hire the management that knows how to scale. We are always looking for both the technologists and the management teams.

What were the biggest mistakes you made the first time that others should avoid?
The hard part is all the stuff you don’t know you don’t know. That will happen no matter what. Even the basic idea of what scaling is aboutthe way to implement scaling. When do you worry about it, when don’t you? What’s scalable, what’s not? What’s too hard? How do you fit into others’ expectations and leverage the ecosystem? How do you minimize your liabilities and maximize your assets? How do you get funded for subsequent rounds of financings? How do you hire the right teams? Make corporate partnerships? It goes on and on.

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