Mobile Monetisation

Moconews writes about a talk given by Infospace president Stephen Davis:

Davis did not have an answer for what that monetization will look like and when it will happen. But he says there is much to be learnt from the trials of monetizing broadband services, not least that a different system of quantifying mobile ads might be needed. Were talking to advertising agencies and big brands looking to buy and the traditional CPM model does not work for them. Yet they under that mob represents one of most targeted, relevant distribution channels for delivering their message so we almost need to adopt a different measurement system to quantify the value for them – particularly in US where markets are becoming much more verticalized. Were focusing on very specific segments of demographics in a way havent been able to in search, for instance.

He said Infospaces research into ad forms had found product placement to be the most accepted and least obtrusive way of monetizing content. You give the consumer a reason to experience even a two or three second banner ad or click on a product placement plug – give them an incentive like a credit or a ringtone – and then give them that content for free. Its a Pavlovs dog mentality that you can develop over the long term of content delivery. Product placement is the most accepted and least obtrusive for now. I dont know if that is long term but it works for now.

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