Video Conferencing

Om Malik writes that it is hot again:

Microsoft, last week let us know about their new video conferencing system called RoundTable that is likely to debut in mid-2007. The $3000-a-pop RoundTable is a tabletop device, not much bigger than a traditional speakerphone at the base. Of course, the timing of Microsoft outreach program timed perfectly with Cisco Systems announcement about a new video conferencing system called Telepresence1. The HD-based system costs a whopping $79,000 and competes with similar devices from the likes of Hewlett Packard (Halo) and Polycom.

Video conferencing has been long time coming, and has been marred by poor quality, and complexity. Proprietary nature of the video conferencing systems did not help either. But broadband removed the network bottleneck, and open standards, and communication protocols are making it easier for video conferencing to work in an optimal fashion.

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