Nintendo’s Strategy

WSJ writes:

Nintendo is trying to reinvent the market by going after a largely untapped audience — people over 25 years old. In a new game console to be introduced later this month, the company is aiming for simplicity, rather than the computing power and fast-paced graphics that have pushed Nintendo’s rivals past it.

The company will still offer classic shoot-’em-up games and new editions of its cartoony 1980s hits such as Super Mario Bros. But Nintendo will be moving beyond flashing thumbs and joysticks to a new kind of controller that players wave in the air. They can stand in their living rooms and mimic the motion of casting a fishing rod, tossing a bowling ball, or swinging a tennis racket — and see it happen on their TV screens.

If Nintendo’s risky strategy is successful, it could challenge the conventional wisdom in the $17 billion console videogame industry: that success lies in the fastest, most powerful machines possible, whatever the cost.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.