Microsoft’s Spaceland

O’Reilly Radar writes about Microsoft’s new 3-D services as part of Virtual Earth:

Microsoft released an amazing, computer-generated 3-D mapping site via the Virtual Earth team. Spaceland, as it’s called, is quite beautiful and available in 15 cities. It can be used for driving directions, searching, and real-time traffic monitoring.

Spaceland utilizes technology from the GeoTango and Vexcel acquisitions. Vexcel is a GIS data collection asset for MS. They use their advanced UltraCam to gather the data used in the models. This was the data collection part of the equation. That’s right, MS is now gathering their own GIS data.

As has been widely reported, Microsoft is experimenting with ads in its new 3-D GIS playground. These are supplied by Massive, a company that was originally serving ads in games and from Microsoft’s homegrown ad platform.

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