Powerset goes beyond Keyword Search

Bambi Francisco writes about “the search engine that would outdo Google.”

Powerset…is a natural-language search engine. Simply put, the technology analyzes the meaning and relationships of words in context so that it can accommodate questions asked in natural language, such as “How’re the Giants doing,” rather than questions asked in sketchy “keywordese” inputs, like “scores, Giants.”

Here’s why a search engine with a new paradigm can work today. In the years since Google was born, technology costs have dropped sharply, making the indexing for natural language search far more cost effective.

Indexing in natural language requires about 100 times more computational power than indexing keywords, which is what the popular search engines do today. The cost of central-processing unit cycles was eight times more expensive six years ago (in other words, three iterations of Moore’s Law).

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.