Mobile Youth Trends

Xen Mendelsohn has an interview with Nick Wright:

The relationship between youth and their mobiles is not necessarily based on being fun, cool, or entertaining. Its a key social tool employed in the dynamics of the peer group. Youth consume mobile products – as they do others – to make statements about themselves and their relationship with their peers.

Self-expression is such a key aspect of young peoples lives that they would rarely choose a non-branded alternative over an identifiable brand. 98% of teens for example would choose a brand/logo designed T-shirt over a plain one.

Mobile is most importantly a symbol of belonging to a group, both as a physical product (you must own a phone to be part of our group) and its communicative possibilities: texting is essential to youth not because of the content (very limited) of the texts themselves but because each text is a reaffirmation and a reminder that Im with you.

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