Second to YouTube

The Economist writes about Metacafe:

Although YouTube is skilled at building online communities around video clips, says Arik Czerniak, the co-founder of Metacafe, it appears strangely uninterested in solving two bigger problems that are still holding back the genre of web video: quality control and incentives for contributors. So Metacafe, which is now the largest independent video-sharing site, is having a go.

Unlike its rival, it makes an effort to choose and promote good videos on its home page. First, it rejects duplicates (about half of submissions). Then it uses 100,000 volunteers as film criticsjust as Wikipedia, the free online encyclopedia, uses volunteers to write and vet articles. As a third filter, Metacafe then analyses the clips with its VideoRank algorithm, which crunches all sorts of metrics (whether viewers watch a clip to the end, for instance) in order to rank themrather as Google’s famous PageRank algorithm ranks web-search results.

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