Web 3.0

The Guardian writes in an article about new startups in Silicon Valley:

If Web 2.0 put users at the centre, Web 3.0 is about an infrastructure that will give them new possibilities. It would be impossible for two geeks in a coffee shop to find the immense processing power needed to create the semantic web. But not for Google, with its huge array of talent and resources. Spivack, however, believes he has stolen a march on the giant. ‘I think we’re building something equally big right under their nose. They’re too busy running Google. We’ve discovered a goldmine in their own backyard.’

The ultimate vision of Web 3.0 is of a collective ‘global mind’ which increasingly resembles the human brain. Every person on the internet will function as its consciousness, from whose chaos will emerge cohesive patterns of thought and decision, perhaps even a sense of ‘self’.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.