Jimmy Wales on Search Wiki

SearchEngineLand has an interview with Wikipedia cofounder Jimmy Wales on the new search engine he is planning to launch:

There are a lot of things that we’ve learned in the wiki world on how to get communities involved and engaged to build trusted networks in communities.

A lot of the people who have tried to do this in the past have stumbled not on technical issues but on community issues … dmoz [The Open Directory] was too closed … that was their response because of the pressure of spammers … others have thought in terms of ranking algorithms. That’s not the right approach. The right approach allows for open dialog and debate and discussion.

If I had to speculate about it, I would say it’s several of those things, not just community involved with rating URLs but also community rating for whole web sites, what to include or not to include and also the whole algorithm … That’s a human type process that we can empower people to guide the spider.

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