New Age Digital Culture

Arun Katiyar (CEO of Seraja, in which I have an investment) writes:

Capturing events is becoming simpler every day. Today, digital cameras and MP3 recorders, web cams and mobiles, have become so pervasive that practically anything we want captured, can be documented. Kids have begun to use these devices as if they were born with it.

The problem is exactly this: what does one do with the vast amount of unstructured data being thrown up by digital recording devices and sensors that all of us own?

Essentially, what we are looking at is this: People are willing contributors of knowledge and their time. They need a simple system that helps them contribute when they want, from where they want and how much they want. And, more critically, if they need to stay anonymous, that need must be respected.

Mobiles and the Internet are making this possible. There are a number of event entry mechanisms which are coming up that help make sense of the unstructured data that digital devices capture.

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Rajesh Jain

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