Software Companies

Dave Winer outlines a list for companies he is looking for participating in the next Under the Radar conference. It is a good list for thinking about the various software categories:

1. Organize – Tasks, Database, Project, Notes, Bookmarks,

2. Collaborate – Groups, Wikis, Spreadsheets, Word Processing, File Sending, Document Management

3. Track – Time, Expenses, Budgets, Accounting, HR

4. Publish – Blog platforms, Web publishing, Feeds/RSS, Content Management

5. Communicate – Email, IM, VOIP, Voice, web conferencing

6. Create – Presentation Mngr, music, photo edit/manage

7. Personalize – Desktop, Calendar, personal organizers

8. Search – vertical, social, create your own

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.