Offshore Outsourcing Predictions

Sadagopan writes:

1. Offshore majors would work on coming out with a viable approach towards offerings centered on disruptive technologies like SaaS. Global majors may work hard to demonstrate better value add to their customers leveraging their offshore presence.

2. New breed of offshoring players with different business models shall spring up. Innovation in services space would continue to come out of India.

3. We may further see change in the rankings and growth rates amongst the top 10 offshore players change based on their business models and their organizational strengths. The era of an almost automatic growth is giving way to more deterministic models of growth pursued with deliberation and delivered effectively.

4. The threat to the offshoring services industry would be coming in form the IT infrastructure utilities – though this may be few years away. We may see some pioneering efforts by a few business units in adopting these and may also see offshore providers coming up with hybrid approaches to adopting to IT utilities(as part of their evolution)

Published by

Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.