2007 Predictions

Los Angeles Times has predictions from Steve Ballmer, Rafat Ali, Kevin Werbach, Chris Anderson and John Brockman, among others.

Ballmer: “2007 will be the year that unified communications technology helped us regain control of our information and our lives. Ironically, the proliferation of new technologies up until now has made communications harder, not easier. In 2007, I believe that phone numbers and e-mail addresses will begin to give way to a single identity, and the desktop phone will merge with the PC and mobile phone. Messages will be routed to you on a device that will be smart enough to know whether you can be interrupted based on what you are doing and who the message is from. Instead of being ruled by e-mail and cellphones, we’ll have control over when and how we can be reached, and by whom.”

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Rajesh Jain

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