Mobile Advertising Risks

Chetan Sharma quotes from a Forrester Research report: “The near ubiquity of mobile phones and accelerating consumer acceptance of applications other than voice make mobile a powerful new channel for marketers. When done right, mobile campaigns yield high response rates and increase consumer engagement. Still, 79% of consumers are annoyed by the idea of mobile marketing. To avoid consumer backlash against ads on their phones, marketers must adopt a mindset where value replaces interruption and campaigns are designed for an abbreviated and immediate mobile experience.”

He adds: “…consumer needs to be at the center of the mobile services esp. advertising .. with the small real estate, it is hard to ignore the advertising messages and if not done right, will start to annoy users and will hamper the growth. It is also important to distinguish between consumers who like advertising on the phone and the ones who dont and prepare the marketing programs accordingly to move them from latter to the former.”

Published by

Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.