Mobile Predictions for 2007

Rafe Blandford of AllAboutSymbian looks ahead:

# We will see more diverged-converged devices. That is to say devices that have a primary task at which they excel, at a design cost to other features. Current examples of this include the Nokia N91 (music) and N93 (video). However such devices will not lose functionality since the majority of functionality is within the software platform and as such they will still be converged devices. This trend is driven by marketing and the need to create products attractive to specific user segments. There will, of course, still be devices that are marketed as ‘do it all’ in the vein of the Nokia N73 or (more sexily) the Nokia N95.

# There will be more devices with integrated GPS, precipitating signs of a renewed emphasis on location-based services and software. Bluetooth-enabled GPS navigation has been one of the most popular add ons for smartphones in 2006 and integration into each device will make this even more attractive to users. Integrated GPS will also add location data to existing functions (e.g. geo-encoded camera pictures).

# The first signs of wider consumption of user generated video will appear. Future Nseries devices will ship with an application that allows you to download and view (video) content from sites such as YouTube and Google Video. There may even be software to allow direct uploading to the same sites, contributing smartphone-shot video clips without needing a PC to host them first.

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