TECH TALK: 2007 Tech Trends: 5. Video Proliferation

2007 will continue to see dramatic growth in video content on the Internet. YouTube was about the short clips either taken from existing sources or created by users. We are now already starting to see mainstream media make available longer videos from TV shows to movies. The Venice Project from the Skype founders is about breaking geographical barriers for television. So, expect a lot more video to be flowing around on the Internet.

Fred Wilson wrote:

A ton of content that used to be watched in the family room is going to be watched on other devices.

What are those devices? Desktop and laptop PCs, xBox and other game devices, PSP and other portables (maybe even smartphones). It’s exploding TV time and 2007 is going to be a breakout year.

In addition to iTunes/iTV, we are going to see The Venice Project come to fruition in 2007. It will start on Windows PCs, but I hope and expect to see a Venice client for Mac, xBox, and PSP before year end. For those of you who don’t know, The Venice Project is the next thing the guys who did Kazaa and Skype are doing. First it was music, then telcom, now TV and Film.

And you cannot underestimate the power of web video (YouTube, Google Video, etc, etc). I would expect to see a number of these players adopt a client like The Venice Project and also a p2p backbone, and offer the content that is building on their networks in downloadable formats. I also expect more and more people to connect a web browser to their family room systems and start watching web video sitting around after dinner.

This is from a GigaOm post in December:

Cisco CEO John Chamberssaid that if there is a killer app, it is video, as part of his keynote speech kicking off the Cisco C-Scape analysts conference.

Things like YouTube are just the baby steps of the impact video will have on networks, said Chambers, who has already introduced the companys new big-vision theme (The Human Network) and the technology vision that supports it (Network as the Platform.)

Video is also being adopted by businesses. Cisco is betting big on its telepresence line of products. Whether it is for product demos or for real-time conferencing, video on the Internet is set to be an integral part of our lives.

On the consumer side, the next big challenge is monetisation. Pre-roll and post-roll ads are only the start. This year, we will start to see significant innovation in video advertising. Unlike text, serving video is not cheap so video sites have to think quickly on how to convert eyeballs to money. Video can provide for many creative ideas for advertising that we have heard of in the past for example, one can click on an object and be taken to the vendor to buy it. Contextual advertising acquires a whole new meaning in the world of video.

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