Sticky Ideas

Guy Kawasaki interviews Chip and Dan Heath about their new book, “Made to Stick.”

We found there were six principles (SUCCES) that link sticky ideas of all kinds. Sticky ideas wont always have all six, but the more, the merrier.

For example, JFKs idea to put a man on the moon in a decade had all six of them:

1. Simple: A single, clear mission.
2. Unexpected: A man on the moon? It seemed like science fiction at the time.
3. Concrete: Success was defined so clearlyno one could quibble about man, moon, or decade.
4. Credible: This was the President of the U.S. talking.
5. Emotional: It appealed to the aspirations and pioneering instincts of an entire nation.
6. Story: An astronaut overcomes great obstacles to achieve an amazing goal.

Published by

Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.