Meraki’s Wireless Connectivity Solution

VentureBeat writes:

he Mountain View start-up provides cheap Wireless Internet connections to people by selling $49-a-piece mesh routers, or routers that connect with each other to extend the range of a single Internet connection.

Heres how it worked in a Portland, Oregon test: A hundred routers were installed to cover 400 apartment units, housing about 1,000 people. A philanthropist paid $4,999 to supply the routers. The upside is, the project required only five DSL connections, and each person enjoyed the same broadband quality as they would normally from a single connection, chief executive Sanjit Biswas tells VentureBeat. The end result: Instead of each person paying $20 a month for a reliable Internet connection, theyre only paying about $1 a month, he says.

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Rajesh Jain

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