Opening Up Apps

Tim O’Reilly writes:

A new class of entrepreneurs are finding ways to “open up” the closed applications of Web 2.0. If you’re thinking in the old boxes of open source vs. proprietary, you’ll miss companies that are surfing new edges between the two.

And what’s more, thinking further along the lines of how to give control back to the users, we can ask ourselves what will be the real “open source” answer to proprietary Web 2.0 databases. We’ve started to hear about “open data”, and companies like Wesabe even have open data policies. But open data is only part of the new openness we need to explore. What companies like Fast and Placebase do is give users control over the algorithms that are used to manage the data. As Nate Treloar from Fast said during our call, “Relevancy isn’t just an algorithm. It’s a platform.”

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.