Telecom Industry Future

WSJ has an interview with Professor William Webb, author of the just-published “Wireless Communications: The Future” and head of research and development at United Kingdom telecommunications regulator Ofcom:

Some analysts have predicted that mobile-phone screens, headphones and keyboards will become separate devices.

I think there will be more of a steady progression. It will always be the case that some people will want very small, thin phones, while other people will want large full-feature phones.

I expect we will see phones evolve in many different ways as people want to get different things out of them. In particular there will be larger screen versions for people that want to use their phones as a video-type device for mobile TV and podcasts.

It’s unlikely that we will see roll-out keyboards in the next 10 or so years. But what we could see are screens that are brighter and have more power, with better resolution — meaning that watching television on your mobile phone isn’t quite so bad.

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