Commodity Computing

GigaOM has a post by Allan Leinwand:

In my opinion, for the foreseeable future, x86 commodity computing has won (Im not an expert on Intel or AMD, so Ill not choose a winner there). So, why shouldnt Internet infrastructure and services leverage the large efficiencies of the commodity compute market that is being driven by the PC manufacturers? We all know about Moores Law5 and how compute power is getting cheaper and faster all the time, so why fight the feeling? In June 2005, Apple ditched the PowerPC processor and partnered with Intel and last week Sun, home of the proprietary Sparc processors, announced that they are also partnering with Intel6.

Today, the x86 architecture features quad-core processors7 that are quite powerful and cost-effective. Recently, Intel announced research that is working on an 80-core chip8 that is basically a supercomputer on a chip. That is a huge amount of compute power coming to the commodity compute market over the next few years.

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