3GSM Winners

Here. India’s Idea Cellular won the Award for Best Billing or Customer Care Solution. “Indian prepaid subscribers being low-spend customers are extremely cautious and like to get into details of everything that has an impact on their cash outflows, namely the recharge voucher that they should buy to get maximum talktime, promotions on various recharges, current balance etc.. They are also greatly inclined to give up use of service, if these details are not easily accessible to them & any waiting easily upsets them. Since waiting is generally required in calls to the call center, they quickly churn from the network, out of dissonance. To prevent this and to empower customers to have information within seconds, CARE was developed and launched in Gujarat Circle this year. The service has since seen tremendous response from customers, which shows that it has positively impacted customer satisfaction. However, there is insufficient data to link it directly with reduction in churn although any increase in customer satisfaction is likely to lead to greater customer retention.”

Published by

Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.