Semantic Web

Nova Spivack writes about what his company Radar Networks is doing:

we are building a next-generation Web-based online service that will bring the Semantic Web to consumers and professionals across the Web. This application is focused on enabling the next generation of social software (note that social software is not necessarily social networking — that is subset of social software). It is an example of what “the Intelligent Web” will be like. We are very excited about this service and what it already does, but there’s still more to do before we release it.

Our app is based on the Semantic Web. It will enrich and facilitate more intelligent online relationships, community, content, collaboration and even commerce. It will help to bring the Semantic Web from research to reality by making it user-friendly, accessible and most of all, directly useful and valuable, to ordinary people. We are focused on providing value to consumers — not just developers or early-adopters.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.