Quest for the Perfect Ad

Business 2.0 writes:

unlike the first Internet boom – where dumb, old banner ads were slapped up with zero regard to effectiveness – this time around, the programmers and analysts are taking center stage, helping to create new forms of display ads that not only do a better job of getting your attention but also can be tracked with laserlike precision. The new breed of supersmart, supertargeted display ads, says Usama Fayyad, Yahoo’s head of research and data, is “just so much more powerful than search.”

This is Web advertising 2.0, where machines play as big a role as the copywriters and designers. In the midtown Manhattan offices of Ogilvy North America, co-CEO Carla Hendra and her team run online campaigns for blue-chip clients such as Allstate, American Express, IBM, and TD Ameritrade. The agency’s Interactive division is one of its fastest-growing operations, says Hendra, and most new hires come with a deep understanding of analytics.

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Rajesh Jain

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