TECH TALK: 3GSM 2007: An Operator Perspective

Telco 2.0 wrote about a presentation by Hamid Akhavan, CEO of T-Mobile International:

Hamids presentation talked about the key changes in the mobile industry around three themes:

1.Customer Needs Tailor-made services, Ease of use, Simple and worry-free pricing,
2.Markets Even stronger competitive and regulatory pressure, and market saturation and price erosion, and
3.Technology, specifically: Digitisation of comms and content,
4.Broadband mobile and IP networks,
5.Acceleration of innovation in devices and apps,
6.Delayering of access and services, i.e. apps becoming network-independent, therefore operators losing control.

He described Tomorrows World as being about:
– Multiple devices per person, rather than one converged device.
– Targeted offers for individuals hyper-segmentation needed.
– Overlap with adjacent markets: Operators, handset manufacturers, and service providers stepping on each others toes (e.g. Nokia buying Intellisync for push email).
– Super-broadband mobile networks: wireless 100mbps a reality by 2010 beating Fibre/DSL (!)
– Mobile phone evolving to becoming the personal companion (SMS/IM/Email merging into social networking tools).
– Rich services on the Internet at your fingertips (entertainment, information, transactions, etc).

Weve just scratched the surface in terms of leveraging customer insights, he said. Were not harvesting our existing customers very well today.

He summarised by saying Operators have no choice but to actively take part in new business models – the operator as access provider, enabler, or partner. 2007 is going to be year of business model experimentation.

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