Competitive Advantage

Knowledge@Emory writes how defining a firms capabilities, purpose, and niche creates competitive advantage:

Is it so different for the leader of a company to ask, What is this company capable of? than it is for an individual to wonder, Who am I? Not according to at least one presentation given at the third annual Atlanta Competitive Advantage Conference held at Emory Universitys Goizueta Business School.

Joey Reiman, CEO of the ideation company, BrightHouse, and an adjunct professor in marketing at Emorys Goizueta Business School, contends that its not competitive advantage a company should seek, but distinctive advantage. Finding this distinction, like finding the meaning of self, requires going within.

In a panel discussion entitled, Recognizing Distinctive Advantages Within Companies, Reiman told participants he advises company leaders to look inside their firms to find capabilitiesnot outside. The best way to find ones own capabilities is to ponder on themgo deepernot wider, says Reiman, who has advised company leaders at firms like The Coca-Cola Company and The Home Depot.

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Rajesh Jain

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