Nokia’s View of India

The Financial Express has an interview with Devinder Kishore, director of marketing at Nokia India. Excerpts:

What are the challenges in marketing to rural India?

Its a huge market but I must admit that we havent begun to scratch its surface yet. The challenge is mainly of accessibility and infrastructure. You need creative solutions there. Where you cant meet the gaps in infrastructure, you have to close in with innovative processes. Distributors also play a crucial role there. Your dealer network therefore must be very strong and you must have tie-up with micro-finance institutions.

When would a cell phone begin to fulfill all our instrumentation needs?

Its already happening. Camera phones sell more than digital phones the world over and the reason for this is not difficult to fathomeventually, you want to carry one device that supports all functions. You may not be using them equally and all users may not tune in to converged devices eventually but just knowing that the devise is all-encompassing will enhance its utility to most consumers. To cite an example, I am traveling tomorrow and I am not carrying my laptop simply because my phone is loaded with all the content that I may need. If I have to make a presentation, I will simply hook up my phonewhy do I need to carry a computer?

The way I look at it, a mobile phone is a piece of real estatethere are n number of features that you can load on it; whether you want to or not, is of course your choice.

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