Google as King of All Media?

Henry Blodget does not think so:

* First, we must define terms, because if “King of Media” means richest, most powerful company in the media sector, Google’s already there. (Sorry, Sumner.) If “King of ALL Media,” however, means the company that creates, produces, and monetizes all media, forget it.

* Traditional media content–journalism, linear storytelling (in TV and movies), music, talk shows, comedy–is not going away. Google currently does not produce traditional media content, and won’t unless it radically changes its business. What Google does do–extremely well–is organize, distribute and aggregate media. As a result, it is a major threat to traditional media distributors, but not (in most cases) to media creators. (For the purposes of this debate, I’m going to assume that to be “King of All Media” one can’t just be a distributor).

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