When To Quit

Guy Kawasaki interviews Seth Godin about his new book “The Dip.”

Its time to quit when you secretly realize youve been settling for mediocrity all along. Its time to quit when the things youre measuring arent improving, and you cant find anything better to measure.

Smart quitters understand the idea of opportunity cost. The work youre doing on project X right now is keeping you from pushing through the Dip on project Y. If you fire your worst clients, if you quit your deadest tactics, if you stop working with the people who return the least, then you free up an astounding number of resources. Direct those resources at a Dip worth conquering and your odds of success go way up.

Whats the worst time to quit? When the pain is the greatest. Decisions made during great pain are rarely good decisions.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.