Gaia Online

GigaOM writes:

Gaias online world aspect (which launches in a separate Java-powered window) is a series of virtual towns where Gaian avatars can socialize (up to 100 in a single space), with apartments they can own, and treasures they can find. (No combat, however.) Its just that 10% of total user activity takes place in the world itself.

The world is just a conduit to the larger activity on Gaia, says Sherman: in addition, there are website arenas where users can upload and rate each others artwork and other content (7-10% total activity), or play multiplayer Flash mini-games with group chat (10-15% total activity.) The largest cohort of activity (wholly 30%) takes place in the Gaia forums, and heres where the truly staggering numbers come in: Averaging a million posts a day and a billion posts so far, Gaias message boards (with topics running the gamut from pop culture to politics) is second only to Yahoo in popularity.

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