The New York Times writes about a virtual agency for online radio:

TargetSpot is planning a service that will let advertisers of any size from a local restaurant to a national chain create commercials for their desired audience and buy ads that will be slipped into online radio programming. The service, which CBS Radio in part financed, will debut June 28.

TargetSpot, which bills itself as a kind of virtual advertising agency, will allow clients to create their own commercials from a menu of options, as well as to define and locate their audience, using demographic data or geographic information like ZIP codes. A pizzeria, for instance, could use the sites research to focus on men ages 18 to 21 because they spend more money than other groups, then decide to place its ad at 6 p.m., because experience says thats when the desired audience is hungriest.

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Rajesh Jain

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