Why Many Tech Products Fail

Michael Mace writes:

Most of our companies tend to focus on building what I call how products. That means products that focus on enabling technologies to let people do a wide range of tasks. For example, building a web browser and a WiFi connection into a product that doesnt currently have them is a classic how move, because it enables the user to potentially do a lot of different interesting things.

The problem with the how approach is that normal people dont think this way. They are much more focused on what, as in What does the product do for me? Because they dont understand technology at a deep level, they cant see the possibilities created by a great enabling technology. And even if they could see the possibilities, they dont have the skills necessary to adapt it to their needs. Even an (allegedly) simple act like pairing a wireless device to an unfamiliar WiFi router can be enough to give a typical user hives.

In competitive situations, how products usually lose to whats…

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Rajesh Jain

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