Guy Kawasaki talks to Margie Zable Fisher:

# The client doesnt understand the publicity process. PR folks need to better educate people about how publicity works. The first thing many clients ask is, Can you get me on Oprah or the front page of the Wall Street Journal? The answer might be yes, but the process to get to the yes may take months or years, and may first include a series of smaller placements.

# The scope of work is not detailed and agreed upon by both parties. Heres a typical example: a client signs an agreement to spend $3,000 per month. Client expects to get three publicity placements per month. PR person expects to work 20 hours, regardless of the outcome. The inevitable disconnect leads to customer frustration and the feeling of being burned.

# The client has not been properly trained on how to communicate with the media. Proper training for interviews is crucial; otherwise, key messages can be misconstrued, and even negative stories can result. Clients seldom blame themselves when this happens.

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