Facebook and AOL

Michael Parekh writes:

Facebook today feels like a web-based AOL.

You log in to do anything.

You keep logging in because you get logged out if there are big periods of inactivity.

You log in to keep in touch with your friends, just like today’s net natives did in AOL’s chat rooms and IM sessions.

You exchange emails back and forth with them using Facebook’s walled, proprietary, email system.

There are a lot of differences of course is a vis AOL, key among them being that one’s identity is crystal clear in Facebook, while on AOL, one could be interacting with anybody and their dog.

While the net natives may not be yearning to re-create a newspaper, TV or magazine in this new “Web 2.0” realm, they may be sub-consciously trying to re-create an AOL of sorts.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.