Peripheral Vision

Steh Levine writes: “One of the great challenges of business in general and smaller, fast growing businesses in particular is figuring out the balance between near term focus and long term vision. While all companies become slaves to the calendar (striving for quarterly sales targets, specific product release dates, etc.) too many never look up to see where they are really headed…To borrow an analogy from mountain biking (sorry cycling season is in full force and it’s on my brain), companies need to be focused on where they are headed, as opposed to where they are, and use their peripheral vision to avoid current obstacles. In cycling you look up trail focusing not on what you’re riding over at the moment, but what you’re about to come upon (and by the time you’re there, you’re focused on the next thing). The faster you’re moving, the farther ahead you need to be looking (because it’s on you before you know it).”

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.