7 thoughts on “MyToday Presentation in Barcelona”

  1. Rajesh,

    Saw your presentation and there are decent amount of feautures.

    Actually I was also looking on tech stuff (I understand that it might not be appropiate) on which you are running. However, would you (like the technology, API used etc)?

    I will suggest some more. May be you already have done it (more from a corporate use perspective)

    1. Integration with Google search. It has been so necessary now a days.

    2. Integration with some free Map API via which you can find the location. Even if I remember the location, in Bangalore (and I am sure in many cities) it is so confusing.

    And please no Google Maps API. It does not work properly.

    3. Are you planning to provide m-blogging? Can be a remote feature. But I will love it.

    This in turn can have a huge number of features as general blogging provides

    Finally, mobile market is unbelievably big in India and expected to grow. I expected the wrist watch will revolutionalize the world. However, the UI is so small that it becomes a pain.

    Btw, iPhone and now Nokia tube are coming to India. How will you compete with them?

    I have used iPhone when I was out of India and it is mindblowing. Or your plan is something different which I am getting wrong?


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