Tuesday IAMAI MVAS Event

I will be on a panel on “Value Added Services for Enterprises” at IAMAI’s National Conference on MVAS on Tuesday (tomorrow) in Delhi. I will get five minutes to make a presentation, and then join the panel for a discussion.

They key points for discussion as outlined by the organisers:

* Enterprise Mobility: pushing line-of-business applications beyond the desktop
* What are the key the key drivers and inhibitors to Total Enterprise Mobility?
* How can a organization utilise strategic voice/data applications to achieve competitive differentiation?

The two key points I want to outline during my presentation:

* How companies can use SMS for customer acquisition, servicing and retention
* Using Invertising (invited advertising) to build deep relationships with customers

If I were doing the panel, I would do it very differently. I would do it in three parts. First, invite each panelist for a 1:1 chat (no presentation) – direct questions and direct answers. This also gives the audience a feel for the mental models that the panelist has. Second, have a focused discussion among the panelists on 2-3 specific topics. Finally, open it up for audience Q&A.  During all this, I would also ask the audience to send feedback in real-time via SMS and show that on a screen, thus creating a backchannel which can be effective in shaping the discussion.

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Rajesh Jain

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