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It has been nearly 2 months now since I re-started the blog with a promise of daily posts, and I have maintained that discipline. I now don’t ponder long on posts — as ideas and thoughts come, I write them out and then space them out to be published one every morning. So, at any point of time, I always have a few posts buffered to be published in the coming days. It has been a good comeback to blogging — and it has also made me realise how much I missed it in the year when I didn’t blog. I probably made it hard for myself with the rigid previous format of one Tech Talk series every week and 30 links to other articles every week. Now, its all about either work or some personal impressions about the world around. In some ways, it is just like the Diary that I used to keep a couple decades ago during college and IIT days. Which is the way the blog should always be — the voice of a person.

I think more of us should blog — and not from the point of view of seeing who reads it, but more from just expressing personal opinions. We all see and talk about the world around; writing it on a computer for oneself and others to read is one step. This is what creates conversation between different people — outside of the circle one is directly in touch with (family, friends, workplace).

Perhaps, the most important commitment one has to make is to be transparent — write what one is. It is hard to create a different persona from oneself and then expect to blog regularly. And it has to just come naturally — let the ideas and words flow. Pick a style that one is comfortable with and stay with it. And that’s what I have tried to do.

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Rajesh Jain

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