Last Saturday-Sunday, CNBC had a short segment on Netcore (and our MyToday mobile services) in their Enterprise Inc. program. They had done an extensive interview with me — about 45 minutes or so, with all sorts of questions. They had also shot around the office. The segment broadcast was barely five minutes, with my interview snippet-ed down to a minute or so. As I watched the segment, I thought what they could have done better, and sent an email the next day to the presenter who had interviewed. Here’s what I wrote:

I watched the show for the first time yesterday. A suggestion: you could give more in-depth coverage to cos. that are featured. Trying to cover 4 in 20 mins gives only superficial coverage. And for entrepreneurs watching, it doesn’t really give much insight (which I presume should be one of the objectives). You should probably cover no more than 2 cos. in each episode, and give greater coverage to each. This helps expain the business of the company and the roadmap going forward. Like in my case, you had a 40+ minute interview….there are no better learnings for entrepreneurs than to hear others talk, and that can be the USP of the program (rather than bringing in ‘external experts’). This way, people watching get an understanding of the space, the entrepreneur and the company — which should really be the focus for the program.

The same holds true for lots of what I watch on TV. I know that everyone feels that attention spam is dwindling and everyone if forever switching channels. But more than just filling up minutes, perhaps the focus needs to more on quality and making it a habit for those who watch it once for the knowledge the viewers get out of it.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.