Reading Fiction

I recently re-started reading Fiction – of the thriller variety. (The book I am reading on my Kindle currently is “The Brass Verdict” by Michael Connelly.) It started with the numerous trips that I took this year. At some point, I guess I wanted something other to think about than just work! The Kindle played a big role in this since I now had books ‘on tap.’I think another contributory factor has been that Abhishek goes to sleep on most days before 8 pm (so that he wakes up on time for playschool the next morning), and I suddenly have plenty of time before I got to bed.

I have read 8 Fiction books this year. Some get read quite rapidly, while others get read a couple chapters on time — all depends on how interesting the book is and how much time I have. At any time, I keep a couple unread books on the Kindle.

What I now find fascinating is how the authors weave together the plot and script the entire story. I was telling a colleague at work the other day that we should think about our business the same way — think through the story and the endgame, and script a path to getting there. A good author does it in a way that is completely believable, tantalising the reader with what’s coming next, and yet springing theoccasional surprise. In business, too, we need to do something similar as we try and orchestrate events to favour the outcomes we want.

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