A Boat Ride

One of the nice things about Mumbai is the Arabian Sea. But unlike many other cities, we haven’t really made much of the sea. Only now will we get our first bridge (connecting Bandra and Worli). And then there are the boat rides.

On Saturday evening, I took Abhishek and my niece for a boat ride at Gateway of India. It wasn’t the first time I was doing it — I’ve done this about once a year for the past three years. We don’t even have proper places for people to get on and off easily. The boats also could do with some improvement. In all, plenty of room for an improvement in the overall experience. I guess for Rs 40 for a 25-minute outing one shouldn’t be asking too much.

The ride itself was quite relaxing. Away from land, with only the sea all around, the thoughts start changing. No longer does one think of the short-term issues. Instead, one becomes more contemplative. I guess as the boat becomes detached from the land, so does the mind from all things immediate.

Abhishek has hoping we’d get to see a sea snake! Makes me think what we need next is a sub-marine ride.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.