Random: Slumdog Millionaire, PVR and Strand Book Exhibition

Slumdog Millionaire: I saw the movie over the weekend, was underwhelmed. It may be great watching for non-Indians internationally, but for me living in Mumbai, it was a case of good-not-great.

PVR: The PVR multiplex that has opened recently at Phoenix Mills is excellent. Much better than Metro Adlabs and Inox Nariman Point — the seats are more comfortable, there is much more legroom, the sound and picture quality also seems to be better.

Strand Book Exhibition: Another couple days to go, and for those book lovers in Mumbai who haven’t yet been to Sunderbhai Hall, make sure you do! There is so much variety that one is bound to pick up more than a handful!

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.