My Favourite Indian Business Newspaper is…


There is no shortage of business dailies: Economic Times, Business Standard, Financial Express, Business Line and Financial Chronicle, along with Mint. I like Mint for its news reporting and editorial pages. I think they have amongst the best journalists, and it shows. For scoops and exclusives, it is still the Economic Times. In their effort to make the ET a business daily with mass base, I think they have compromised on their reporting quality. The ET is of course the Intel+Microsoft of the business daily space. But somewhere, they have given up a lot to achieve this.

On Mint, I am not sure how much longer it can continue with keeping a low cover price and have few ads. The paper must be expensive to produce, and in today’s slow ad times, their breakeven period must have gotten longer. Being owned by the Hindustan Times is good, but they probably need to rethink their low cover price (subscription offers). I would be willing to pay Rs 10-15 daily for Mint (I probably pay Re 1 or so given the special offers they have for subscription). Yes, it will lead to a reduction in numbers, but it will also give them an exclusivity which would be very valuable — just like the Economist. And it will probably get them to cashflow positive much sooner.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.